ACTION NEEDED: SPS Board Votes On Math Curriculum Tomorrow

Please see today’s message from the Seattle Council PTSA. Your show of support for Math in Focus (Singapore Math) at tomorrow’s Seattle School Board meeting would be greatly appreciated!

You don’t have to testify or give a speech, just support our current curriculum.

Meeting info:
4:15pm – 8:00pm  (Public Testimony and general crowd sourcing starts around 5:30 p.m.)
at the John Stanford Center
2445 3rd ave S
Seattle, WA 98124-1165
PTA Leaders and Members,
On May 1, 2014 Seattle Public Schools announced the Math Adoption Committee’s recommendation for the enVision Math Curriculum (see here).  Tomorrow Wednesday, June 4th,  the Seattle School Board will vote on the adoption of this new elementary math curriculum to be used in Seattle Public Schools K-5 programs.  As announced May 1st, the initial recommended motion to the Board by the Curriculum & Instruction Policy Committee is the single adoptions of the enVision Math Realize 2015 edition (enVision) curriculum (see recommendation here).
School Board Directors Marti McLaren & Sue Peters have subsequently filed an amended motion recommending a dual adoption of both the Math in Focus (MiF) Singapore Math and enVision curriculum (see this amended recommendation here).
If the dual adoption amendment is approved by the full Board this Wednesday, principals will  have to choose one of the two options not later than June 20, 2014.   Each school may select only ONE curriculum to be implemented at their school and the adoption will be binding for a 7 year adoption cycle.
It is also possible that other amendments regarding math curriculum adoption will be presented tomorrow for a vote, but they have not been posted to the School Board agenda at this time.

PTAs should be aware of these impending decisions and are encouraged to talk with their principal or the School Board (schoolboard@seattleschools.org) about questions or concerns.  
While the Seattle Council PTSA does not have a specific recommendation regarding the math adoption proposals up before the board, we do have strong concerns regarding two elements of the process.
First, we believe the committees making recommendations around curriculum should consider empirical results obtained by other districts, ideally comparable to Seattle in size and diversity. In this specific evaluation, we further believe that teacher input should have been solicited and considered, as several schools in Seattle use the curricula under evaluation.
Second, we continue to be concerned that the District’s engagement of parents and communities in Seattle is severely inadequate and unrepresentative of our District.  With roughly 50,000 students in Seattle Public Schools, and 27,000 in the K-5 program, comments by fewer than 150 parents does not constitute significant or representative family engagement, nor should it be portrayed as such.  We thank those parents who did provide input, and will continue to call on parents throughout the District to provide their opinions.
Further, we call on the District, as we have in the past, to develop processes that successfully engage families and communities in gathering information and making decisions.



Katherine Schomer

President, SCPTSA

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