Family Wetlands Project – This Saturday!

Join STEM students and staff this Saturday for an exciting wetlands project just a block north of our school.

Duwamish Alive! is turning an ex-Seattle City Light property back to its original wetlands state. STEM staff Sunny Graves, Whitney Mebane, Craig Rankin and Sarah Waldron were all involved in organizing this grass roots event, and it will ultimately lead to a host of PBL opportunities for our students.

Duwamish Alive

Duwamish Alive!

Join us for the groundbreaking of our 

Delridge Wetlands and Stewardship Project

 Saturday, April 16, 11:00am – 1:00pm, 23rd SW and SW Findlay

Join us at the Delridge Wetlands and Stewardship Project on April 16th to kick off our 2016 activities – with students from STEM K-8 and Arbor Heights – while we share our plans for creating a children’s vegetable garden, learning landscape and restoring this wetland which is part of the Longfellow Creek Watershed.  We will have a short ceremony showcasing the project and breaking ground with shovels and jackhammers!

Join the fun:

·       Help paint a mural

·       Children’s scavenger hunt with prizes

·       Jackhammer the floor in what will become a Children’s garden

·       Learn about the wetland and salmon

·       Food and Beverages served

Become a Wetland Steward by helping work on the dry land, we will soon be getting our feet wet, taking measurements of water depths, flow rates and discussing with you what the overall plan is to maximize the effectiveness of the wetland.  Be sure to sign-up quick to ensure you can show your creative skills and love for our wetland!

Contact Willard at willard@dnda.org to sign-up and/or to learn more about the restoration work planned for the Wetland.

Thank you to our Project Partners for helping support this project for our community:

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA)

Nature Consortium

Seattle Tilth

Seattle Green Spaces Coalition

Seattle City Light

Duwamish Alive Coalition

Louisa Boren STEM K-8

National Park Service




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