Job Opening – Enrichment Program Coordinator



Job Description. Enrichment Coordinator works with enrichment program instructors, STEM staff, the PTA Board, parents, and students to administer and continually enhance STEM K-8’s before and after school enrichment program. Duties would include, among others:

  • Work with PTA survey data to independently select and develop new programs and classes.
  • Interface with instructors, STEM staff and administration, PTA board and web team, and parents regarding administration of the program.
  • General administration, including enrollment, roster maintenance, communication with teachers and instructors, collection of payments, qualification and payment of instructors, and room applications and assignment.
  • Respond in a timely manner to parent and teacher communications.
  • Provide periodic reports to PTA Board regarding status of program.
  • Work to develop strategies for improving the enrichment program, including development of forms and procedures.
  • Be present before and after school on a frequent basis in order to oversee the program and deal with issues as they arise.


  • Detail oriented with strong organizational skills;
  • Think creatively about enrichment class offerings that can serve all kids;
  • Have a focus on equity, fairness and a perspective on serving all students and our community;
  • Reasonably capable of using Excel or other database management software; familiarity with Digital PTO a bonus;
  • Be generally available by email and cell phone for coordination with vendors, parents and school team;
  • Have a flexible enough schedule to be around before and after school frequently in order to meet with instructors, parents, and school staff;
  • Have some financial acuity to work with treasurer to manage invoices, scholarships and keep the enrichment budget balanced.

Time Commitment. The expected time commitment is approximately 5-10 hours per week, on average (though there will be busier and less busy times), for one calendar year, beginning on August 1, 2016. The Enrichment coordinator is also on the PTA Board as an important member of the team and is required to attend meetings of the board every other month. Attendance at PTA meetings is desired.

Pay. Currently budgeted at $7,000 per year payable through the Seattle Public Schools payroll system.

To Apply. Please send an email indicating your interest to Rebecca Garcia president@stemk8pta.org Please email a letter explaining who you are and why you’re interested.

Additional info: This is a very important role for our community and students and is work intensive. Pay is more of a stipend to offset the huge volunteer commitment this person makes to our community. We hope that anyone that takes it on would do so as much as a labor of love as for the pay. About half the students at STEM participate in the enrichment program. Because it includes scholarships and an extremely wide variety of classes, many kids participate in the STEM enrichment program who otherwise wouldn’t participate in any extracurricular activities at all. The enrichment program coordinator works directly with many of STEM’s teachers, parents, other staff and administration. If it is your goal to get to know the STEM community, this is a great way to do so. In summary, it is a demanding, involved job, but since it impacts many STEM families, it is also very rewarding.


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