Fun week planned for June 20-24

Celebrate the end of the 2015-16 school year with crazy dress options from June 20-24:

Monday: OUT OF THIS WORLD DAY. Dress as your favorite space/science fiction character: Androids, Bug Eyed Monsters, Dr. Who, Aliens, Wall-e, Star Wars, Star Trek, astronauts, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. Who will you come as?

Tuesday: MISMATCH/TACKY DAY. Mix and match weird patterns, plaid, polka-dots, prints or stripes. Will it be a plaid shirt and paisley pants or a polka dress and patterned top? You decide!

Wednesday: CULTURE/OWL DAY. Celebrate your cultural heritage and wear clothing that has something to do with your family traditions. Another option is to wear owl gear, including spirit wear!

Thursday: CRAZY HAT/HAIR DAY. Wear a uniform but pair it with a silly hat or hairdo. Go crazy from the neck up! Today is the All School Field Trip to Lincoln Park!

Friday: FREE DRESS DAY. Wear whatever you want, uniform or not!

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