Black Lives Matter Day of Action, Wednesday, Oct. 19

In the first action of its kind in the country,  hundreds of teachers, counselor, instructional assistants, office staff, and other educators, will wear “Black Lives Matter” shirts to school on Wednesday, October 19th.  Organized by educators, this event lets our children and community members know that Black Lives Matter in Seattle Public Schools.

History: This action was sparked by incidents that happened recently at John Muir elementary school.  In September, the school had planned an event titled, Black Men Uniting to Change the Narrative, during which ac-blm-day-of-actionmore than 100 black men had planned to gather outside and greet John Muir students as they walked into the building. The goal of the event was to offer positive stereotypes about black men to the student body, a group which is almost 50% African American. Several local news outlets published stories about this planned event, which were then picked up by conservative news outlets. The building and district subsequently received threats, and the event was officially canceled by SPS, though a small group of teachers and community members held a smaller event.

Moving Forward: In support of SPS’s initiative to Close the Gap in equity, Seattle educators and community members have planned a counter event to ensure that these type of threats are not tolerated in our community. Hundreds of Seattle educators plan to wear Black Lives Matter shirts at school on Wednesday, October 19, and the day will culminate in an evening rally at Washington Hall (153 14th Avenue Seattle, Washington 98122) from 6:00-8:00 pm. STEM families and students are encouraged to wear their own Black Lives Matter shirts (or create one) and to join other families at the evening rally.


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