Even the smallest donations make a really big difference for students at our school. The PTA provides essential funding to our STEM K-8 community and it supports all the “extras.”

How can you help every student at STEM K-8?direct-give

  • $5 buys 1 polo shirt for the uniform closet for a student in need.
  • $10 pays for a scholarship for a student to attend a field trip.
  • $20 buys art supplies for a classroom project.
  • $25 buys 2 books for school library about women of color in technology.
  • $50 buys 4 safety vests for safety team.
  • $65 buys two Singapore Math textbooks.
  • $80 pays for pumpkins used for games at the Harvest Festival and engineering supplies for the Pumpkin Chunkin.
  • 10 payments of $10 dollars buys the jump ropes, hula hoops and balls that students play with at recess.
  • $100 pays for a scholarship for a student to participate in Sing Out Seattle through our enrichment program.
  • $150 buys 1 emergency backpack for a classroom.
  • $200 pays for an owl expert to bring a real owl to school for a Project Based Learning classroom project.
  • 100 donations of $50 pays for 50% of our Project Based Learning specialist who support our teachers projects and builds community connections.

Give. Grow. Fly.


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