Dine Out Night Tuesday, May 1st from 5-8pm: Burgers and fries for kids!

What’s up, you might be asking, why so many Dine Out Nights this year?

This will be our third Dine Out Night to round out this school year with Beer Star Li’l Woody’s Burgers & Shakes & CTO Chinese Takeout.

STEM is co-hosting these events with the high poverty Title One schools in our area as away to give back to our community. For example, after our first Dine Out Night with Sanislo Elementary School we were able to turn around and give their PTA a donation to help defray the costs of their upcoming auction. Equity work is a central tenet of our PTA and while our school community is able to raise money through our auction and direct give, not all our neighboring schools have the same fundraising capacity. These Dine Out Nights are an excellent opportunity to come socialize with your school community and neighbors, eat delicious food and help raise money for schools. This time we get to hang out with our friends from Highland Park Elementary School.

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