Welcome Our New Nurse: M.C. Nachtigal

School Nurse, M.C. Nachtigal
Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays 8:30 am – 3:45 am, Thursdays 12:25 am – 3:45 pm.

Hello STEM community!  My name is M.C. Nachtigal and I am excited to be serving as your school nurse.  First off, my name.  It stands for Mary Carol, but only my mother calls me that, so please call me M.C.  My last name is German for nightingale and is pronounced “Nock-tee-goll”.

This is my first job as a school nurse, so I hope you will help me out if you notice I’ve forgotten something.  But no fear, I am not new to medical care.  I have worked as a nurse practitioner in urgent care and occupational health, including caring for employees at Boeing and Pepsi.  Before that I worked as an emergency room and oncology nurse.  Before I ever got into the medical field I worked as an English teacher in Japan for three years and put myself through college working in an after-school care program here in Seattle.  I also spent many days helping my mom in her kindergarten classroom before she retired from teaching.  I’m looking forward to combining my love of medical care and of education.  If you have any questions about how things work in our bodies, feel free to ask!

You might see two boys hanging around me at times.  These are my 2nd and 4th grade sons, who are also starting at STEM this year.  Along with my husband, our elderly chow mix dog, and two noisy chickens, we live in a small house here in West Seattle.  We are still getting to know the neighborhood since we’ve only been here for a year, so please give us ideas of places we should check out!

Please feel free to contact me at mcnachtigal@seattleschools.org or call  206-252-8457.

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