“Our Goals” by Robin Graham

There is an art installation in the hallway called “Our Goals” – I’ve walked by it about 20 times now and Tuesday stopped for a closer look.

It blew my mind.

To become a doctor.
To go to the moon.
I will be a better friend.
Have a better life.
I want to be a scientist. To study hamsters!
To get better at math. Reading. Writing.
To make my family proud.

To have more food.

To sleep more.
To be a poet.

I like to think that teachers and the PTA help kids with these goals. That we change life trajectories. That we support our community with events. I’m an optimist – but I like to think all these goals are not only possible, but our guarantee – our promise. Some of these goals gut me – because they are not goals. They are just basic needs.

Help me fund the PTA budget. The Direct Give is 6 more days and we are $18,490.00 short of our $37,000 goal. I want to fund all the things planned. Every assembly, community event, every time a teacher says “can you pay for ______?” that we can say “yes!” and make the goals the kids have happen. The big long life ones and the little everyday needs ones. Help me.


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