Pledge Time to Creating a Playground for Delridge Community and Our School

Volunteers/Pledges needed!

Louisa Boren’s, Friends of a New Playground needs to show community support and engagement to be eligible for a $50,000 grant that will be used to create a master plan for a school and community playground. Currently, there are 20 volunteers that have pledged time and we need pledge support from at least 100 people. Volunteering, for this phase of the project, looks like attending meetings, providing feedback on designs, and donating supplies for meetings. Children are encouraged to be a part of this process and they can be included in the volunteer pledge portion of the application, adding to the total hours that we need to reach to be considered for grant approval. If you know of community members that want to see improvements to the Delridge Neighborhood, please share the link with them and get them to support our playground.

Please take a minute to fill out the online form to pledge volunteer time and support.



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