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Walk through STEM K-8 hallways and you may see spiders hanging from the ceiling, boats docked on counters, and technical drawings on walls. Look for interesting materials on shelves or in stacks, and the places student work together—tables, carpets, and corners of rooms. Listen for the noisy quiet of students doing real work in groups, or excited about testing construction or science hypothesis.

At STEM K-8, our scholars discover the excitement of learning STEM curriculum through Project Based Learning experiences connected to the real world. We believe children become global citizens by learning to think critically and creatively, work collaboratively, and apply what they are learning within extended projects.

 A Celebration of the Whole Child

Learning at STEM K-8 extends beyond the classroom into the local and global community, allowing students to develop new skills and explore interests. STEM K-8 teachers believe that scholarly success requires academic achievement coupled with strong emotional, social and physical growth. Our school is developing a community based on Positive Discipline principles: democratic participation, empathy and student problem solving.

Focus on STEM

STEM K-8 is developing curriculum based on STEM subjects:

  •  Science | Teachers are using Next Gen Science Standards to create a backbone for integrated curriculum.
  •  Technology | Students are using technology to create, communicate, and connect with a larger community on a regular basis.
  •  Engineering | Students are using design and analysis principals to construct and test solutions for real world problems.
  •  Mathematics | All students are being prepared to engage in advanced math.

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time investigating and responding to a complex question, problem, or challenge.

Some key elements of PBL include student choice, in-depth inquiry, and work that includes a public audience.

Families are Active Partners

STEM K-8 families are essential partners in learning at K-8 STEM. Their engagement and support is evident in all aspects of the school. Our families formed the original advocacy and design team which started the school, and were instrumental in creating a K-8 Pathway. An active PTA provides advocacy, support, and funding regarding school initiatives. Involved parents help support their children’s STEM interests and research at home.

Academics at STEM K-8

  •  Advanced mathematics track for all students
  • Project Based Learning (PBL)
  • Integrated Technology: Creation, Collaboration, Communication, Research
  • Elementary is Engineering Curriculum
  • National Science Foundation Science Kits
  • Balanced Literacy Model
  • Sound Partners tutoring for struggling primary readers

Enrichment Programs

  •  Performing Arts
  •  Instrumental Music
  •  Physical Education
  • School-wide Positive Discipline

 Before- and After-School Programs

  •  Drama
  •  Robotics
  •  Programming
  •  Chess
  •  Choir


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