Uniform and Dress Code Policy

Louisa Boren STEM K-8 has a mandatory school uniform and dress code policy. We believe our uniform policy will create a safe, scholarly, professional atmosphere that will help students be proud members of this learning community. This policy can be amended by the school staff at any point.

Why Uniforms?

STEM is a place where kids should know they are doing something very important – this is their uniform for learning.

The uniform goes far to increase safety (easier to identify intruders), reduce distractions; communicate to the students, staff, and the community that we are serious about learning at STEM; increase equality between sexes; reduce teasing between boys and girls; enable teachers to truly see the student as a student; encourage students to see beyond external attributes and get to know his/her classmates on the basis of who they are; along with many other reasons.

Uniform Overview

Students should select attire from the following list of options, five days a week:

  • Solid colored (white, navy, or black) collared shirt, i.e. blouse, button-down, or polo style short or long-sleeved shirt, (2″ logo or smaller acceptable) that covers the stomach.
  • Collared shirts can be layered with non collared, hoodless items in solid colors (white, black, navy).
  • Plain navy, black or khaki slacks, skirts, jumpers, shorts, skorts or collared dresses (no jeans, sweats or stretch pants).
  • Plain navy blue, black or white tights or leggings can be paired with skirts, shorts, or dresses, but not worn alone.
  • Closed-toed shoes or boots.
  • Students may wear accessories (belts, hair accessories, jewelry) as long as such accessories are not disruptive to themselves or their co-students while learning.
  • STEM students with clothing-related religious practices may modify the uniform (e.g. head scarves).
  • This is a gender-neutral uniform policy. Children can wear whatever part of the school uniform they feel comfortable with.
  • STEM students with special needs will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.
  • When STEM middle school students have science class their attire should meet classroom safety expectations
    • No skin showing on arms or legs.
    • No baggy clothing and shirts tucked in.
    • Long hair tied back.

Uniform Details

Uniform Colors

  • Black (pure black, not gray)
  • White (pure white, off white or cream)
  • Navy (very dark blue)
  • Khaki (light tan)


  • Plain Shirts = 
a shirt without stripes, plaids, or large decorations. Small brand logos are acceptable. A logo will be smaller than two inches.
  • The policy requires shirts with collars.
  • Shirts should cover students’ stomachs.

Pants, Shorts, Skirts, and Skorts

  • Pants, shorts, skirts and skorts may not be denim, stretch fabric or sweatpants. Like shirts, they may not be plaid or striped, or bear decorations other than a small logo.
  • Pants may be standard fabrics with stretch added to them, but may not be stretchy leggings-style or stretch / athletic pants (yoga pants, running pants etc).
  • Pants may not be rip stop nylon or similar (rain pants). Otherwise, as long as they are in STEM uniform colors (black, navy blue, or khaki), they are acceptable.
  • Cargo pants are in uniform.
  • Capri pants are in uniform.
  • “Skinny” pants are in uniform.
  • Skirts and shorts need to reach or go beyond fingertips if no tights or leggings are worn.


  • Dresses may be jumper-style, in STEM uniform bottom colors (black, navy blue, khaki) worn with a STEM uniform shirt.
  • Dresses may also be shirt-style, like polo-shirt style dresses.
  • Dresses need a collar.
  • Dresses need to reach or go beyond fingertips if no tights or leggings are worn.

Socks, Shoes and Boots

  • Students are not required to wear socks.
  • Socks of any color are allowed.
  • Leggings or tights (worn under skirts or dresses) must be in STEM uniform colors (black, navy blue, khaki, white) and undecorated except for a small logo.
  • Students may wear sneakers, shoes, closed-toed sandals (i.e. Keens) or boots of any type or color.
  • Shoes with wheels, Heelys, or other rolling shoes are not allowed at school.
  • Your child will be running at school at recess and during PE. Please send your child in shoes that allow for running.

Accessories and Outerwear

  • No accessories are required of any student (ties, belts, etc are not required).
  • Hats, hoods, and outerwear can be worn going to or coming from the cafeteria and outside.
  • Outerwear includes jackets, coats, hooded items, and any other item that doesn’t conform to uniform policy.
  • Headwear required by religious practices (headscarves, Yarmulkes, etc.) may always be worn.
  • Students may wear accessories (belts, hair accessories, jewelry) as long as such accessories are not disruptive to learning, for themselves or their co-students.
  • Backpacks, school bags, and outerwear are not controlled by the uniform policy.
  • Other uniforms (such as sport team or scout uniforms) are not in uniform at STEM.

STEM Spirit Wear Day Policy

Students can wear shirts (including any t-shirts, sweat shirts, hoodies, in long or short sleeves):

  • Ordered from ZOME (spirit wear site)
  • With any owl on it (shirt in any color)
  • Plain (no graphics or logos) blue shirts
  • Plain (no graphics or logos) green shirts

With any uniform bottoms (any bottom that is part of the uniform code – no jeans, PJ pants, etc…)

As always, students should follow SPS dress code (“dress appropriately for school in ways that will not cause safety or health problems, or disruptions”).

Spirit wear days are optional, please dress in uniform if you choose not to participate..

Last Updated 1/11/17

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