Thank You Arbor Heights Elementary!

With K-5 STEM speakers near the bottom of the waiting list at last night’s school board meeting, there was little chance we would be able to advocate for our school. That is, until one Arbor Heights parent made the gracious decision to cede her spot to K-5 STEM PTA Co-President Robin Graham.

Robin would like to share this public thank you letter to the Arbor Heights community (see below).

The West Seattle Blog has extensive coverage of last night’s meeting, including video of the Arbor Heights parent ceding her spot to Robin.

Dear Arbor Heights Community,

I wanted to thank you for giving the STEM community the opportunity to speak at the Oct 17th School Board Meeting. The fact that you so gracefully ceded your spot to another parent so we could speak to the board speaks volumes about the amazing people you are. We were so disappointed to only have spots on the wait list, so this was truly a gift you gave our community.

We are so hopeful that your community’s zealous advocacy on behalf of your children and families will pay off.

With hope, respect, and big props,
Robin Graham
Co-President K-5 STEM

See Robin’s testimony – and the Arbor Heights parent who ceded her time to Robin – in the video below. (Video courtesy of the West Seattle Blog)

A picture from last night’s school board meeting. Thanks to the parents who showed their support for K-5 STEM while Robin was testifying.

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