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This year is our fourth annual GGLOW OWLS celebration, and of course we will be doing it a little differently this year. For those of you who are new to the STEM K-8 community, GGLOW OWLS stands for gender non-conforming/genderqueer, gay, lesbian or whatever and is our school’s way of kicking off Pride month and celebrating our LGBTQ+ students, staff and families. In past years we had rainbow owl tshirt sales to raise money for new LGBTQ+ book titles for our library and classrooms, plus an AWESOME dance party on our playground with food trucks and ice cream!

STEM K-8 librarian extraordinaire, Mrs. B had a terrific idea. This year instead of fundraising to purchase books we are asking for your financial donations so we can purchase LGBTQ+ ebooks and make them available to our students by the end of June!

Being away from school for so long is hard for all of our students but it can be especially isolating for our LGBTQ+ students who rely on their school community for support. We’ll run this fundraiser from 5/18-6/18. If you are able to make a contribution, please help us make our goal of $1,350. Let’s buy more LGBTQ+ ebook titles for the Louisa Boren STEM K-8 Library!

We couldn’t let GGLOW OWLS go by without a dance party! So on Friday May 29th from 5:30-7:30, tune into our FB event page for a special Family Dance Party Spotify list, videos and more! You’ll want to take lots of pics to share with us and don’t forget the ice cream

You can visit the donation page at

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