Louisa Boren STEM PTA is an anti-racist organization

Louisa Boren STEM PTA is an anti-racist organization. Our PTA is enaged in anti-racist work and will continue to listen, learn, and speak out against racism and violence. We seek to center the voices of the Black community and communities of color at STEM, and look to them for guidance and leadership in achieving our mission and staying true to our values.

In the coming 2020-21 school year, we will explore concrete actions to identify systemic racism and the ways it affects families of color. The PTA will review all policies and procedures, including stating this position on our enrollment form, prioritizing engaging with anti-racist vendors, and educating our students and families on racism. We will review resources, including statements by Superintendent Juneau, the district and school board, national and state PTAs, the Academy of African American Male Achievement, and other respected sources, to inform our decisions.

We strive to remove all forms of racism–structural, institutional, and individual–at STEM. This work will never finish, but will be ongoing.

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