Looking for someone to fill our new Race & Equity Committee Chair

Greetings STEM Community,

Our PTA statement on anti-racism: “Louisa Boren STEM PTA is an anti-racist organization. Our PTA is enaged in anti-racist work and will continue to listen, learn, and speak out against racism and violence. We seek to center the voices of the Black community and communities of color at STEM, and look to them for guidance and leadership in achieving our mission and staying true to our values.

In the coming 2020-21 school year, we will explore concrete actions to identify systemic racism and the ways it affects families of color. The PTA will review all policies and procedures, including stating this position on our enrollment form, prioritizing engaging with anti-racist vendors, and educating our students and families on racism. We will review resources, including statements by Superintendent Juneau, the district and school board, national and state PTAs, the Academy of African American Male Achievement, and other respected sources, to inform our decisions.

We strive to remove all forms of racism–structural, institutional, and individual–at STEM. This work will never finish, but will be ongoing.”

While our Advocacy Committee has supported and led many initiatives in the past, we feel our community would be better served and the work taken further with a dedicated Race & Equity Committee. The Chair of the committee will be a member of the PTA board and be highly influential in steering the entire PTA to a more equitable space. A rough outline of the volunteer duties is below, but the Chair will be able to shape the role as they see fit.
We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE a BIPOC (Black/Indigenous Person of Color) of our community to take on this role. If more than one person is interested, there will be a vote as required by PTA by-laws. If there’s only one person interested, there is a perfunctory vote, but it’s all yours! All members of our community are encouraged to join the committee. The time commitment of the Race & Equity Committee Chair will vary; estimated to be around 2-10 hours per month, depending on the Chair’s availability.
The Louisa Boren STEM K-8 PTA Race & Equity Committee Chair works to bring equity and justice to the students and families of our school committee. This may include community education, leading letter writing campaigns, and holding events at school or elsewhere. The Race & Equity Committee Chair will seek to further the anti-racist work of the PTA and view all decisions through an equity lens. The Race & Equity Committee may work with the Advocacy Committee and the LGBTQ+ Committee on events and initiatives. The Race & Equity Committee Chair will serve as a liaison to the school’s Race & Equity Committee (comprised of school staff and community members, separate from the PTA).

The Race & Equity Committee Chair may and is encouraged to attend local conferences and educational events that further their work and understanding, as funds allow.

The Race & Equity Committee Chair is a member of the PTA board and assumes all board responsibilities as follows:
Each board member of a local PTA unit shall be a member in good standing of that local PTA unit prior to assuming the roles and responsibilities of the position.
The board shall:
Consist of the executive committee and appointed positions as specified in the local unit standing rules;
Review the budget prior to its annual submittal to the general membership;
Approve committee plans on an ongoing basis based on current budget forecasts and financial conditions.
Transact necessary business between meetings of the membership and other such business as may be referred to it by the membership; and
Present recommendations to the general membership for action.
A majority of those currently serving on the board shall constitute a quorum.
Special meetings of the board may be called by the president(s) or upon written request of the majority of all members of the board. Written notice stating date, time, place and purpose of the meeting shall be delivered to each member of the board at least ten (10) days prior to the special meeting. If less than 10 days notice is given, documentation of each member’s consent to conduct business must be obtained in writing or via email. A quorum of the board must be present to conduct business.

The time commitment of the Race & Equity Committee Chair will vary; estimated to be around 2-10 hours per month, depending on the Chair’s availability.

For more information, contact PTA President Elect president@stemk8pta.org; or Advocacy Chair Alicia Every aliciaevery@gmail.com

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