Back to school bash 9 Bingo!

Back to Back to School Bash 9 at Lincoln Park where we sneeze all over a Potluck Dinner?! Nope! It’s Bingo!
We are taking our oldest community event online!
Join us for a family/friends Bingo night!
You can join for a few rounds, or for the whole night.
Prizes include t-shirts, stem swag, trinkets, owl swag, and a night of fun.
Free to play!
1. RSVP by 9/10 @5pm via the facebook event
You can use the same card the whole night, but each family member will want their own. Pre-readers will need support for this activity – the BINGO cards are “STEM themed.”
2. You will receive an email with a Bingo link for either; 1. following along online (you can “daub” the bingo numbers online and then reset each game) OR 2. you can print out your card(s) and go old school by printing out copies of how many games you would like to play.
3. You will receive a zoom call invite from the PTA. Join us when it works for you and play as many or as few games as you would like. PTA meeting / school rules in affect so please no swearing, etc… since a bunch of owlets are on zoom call / chat.
4. If you win: enter your email into the chat section of the zoom call OR email: robingraham26@gmail.com to connect about your prize!

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