2020 Auction News

Dear STEM friend,

Update on the Saturday Morning Cartoons & PJ’s Auction – originally scheduled for March, then May, then October. We are changing the TV channel off of Animaniacs (it’s much to Wakk-o!) and changing it over to MacGyver!

The past six months we’ve had to be problem-solvers, innovators, flexible, and improvise under unpredictable circumstances. A swiss-army knife isn’t SUPER helpful for COVID, but it will help you open up your Auction winnings – so get ready for the STEM MacGyver Virtual Live Auction!

The silent auction items will be online before and after October 9th, and live virtual auction will be October 9th @7pm and open to all – no tickets will be needed for this event.

Just this year we are flipping things around with the Auction in the Fall and the Direct Give in the Spring.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding during this time – the students, teachers and community depends on the monies raised and we are grateful for your support. Every year we say it’s imperative – this year more than ever every line-item has been carefully budgeted for supporting the needs of our community.

If you can help with auction planning, email robingraham26@gmail.com and save September 14th @7 for a zoom auction committee meeting.  The zoom information will be on the calendar event.

We have always been the school that “made it work” and we will this year too.

We’ve got this.

More information soon,

Robin Graham – Auction Chair

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