Meet SPS CFO and Chief of HR


STEM Families,

Happy New Year and welcome to 2021!! Denise Juneau, the Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, asked her Senior Staff to visit with PTAs and meet with families to discuss SPS strategic plan goals, provide updates on remote learning, and next steps on the outdoor education pilots as well as return to in-person learning. Ms. JoLynn Berge, Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Clover Codd, Chief of Human Resources will attend our next PTA meeting on Thursday, January 14, 2021 and they will have additional time to field questions from attendees. This is an AMAZING opportunity to meet and interact with senior staff from SPS! There are so many important issues in our schools right now (e.g., race and equity issues, abuse of allegations, budget cuts, etc.) and engagement from parents and caregivers is key. When we engage SPS senior staff and ask the tough questions, SPS gains an understanding of what is important to us, our schools, and communities and can take that information back to the larger organization to inform the decision-making process. I encourage everyone who is able to log into the PTA meeting to engage and be heard! If you cannot make the meeting or want the PTA to ask a question on your behalf please email president@stemk8pta.org.

All the best,

Don Knutson
PTA President

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