PTA Decorates Staff Lounge to Show Appreciation

STEM Staff Appreciation

STEM K8 PTA executive team members purchased snacks and created signs and notes of affirmation for teachers, administration and staff of Louisa Boren STEM K8.

The snacks and messages were left in the staff lounge on the afternoon of Thursday, September 30 to commemorate completing the first month of in-person school in 2021!

“This year, it has been especially hard to connect with parents. Seeing this surprise in the staff lounge was wonderful encouragement that our work is recognized by parents,” said one STEM teacher.

STEM K8 PTA recognizes all Louisa Boren STEM K8 staff several times throughout the school year with small gifts paid for by the PTA budget.

Would you like to recognize a STEM K8 teacher or staff person? Use this online form! 

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