Your Donation Brings More Diverse Books!

Louisa Boren STEM K8 Library added more than 850 diversity-related books to the school library this past year. These book additions were made possible by donations from school families. Thank you!

Improved student literacy is a value that every educator shares. STEM educators work to ensure students read at or above grade level by the end of third grade. Libraries are on the front lines of this work one-on-one with students and in collaboration with classrooms teachers, principals, and families. Libraries inherently serve a very democratic purpose providing access to information and building the reading lives of all students.

A well-funded library will support a collection that is current, supports curricular needs and encourages and inspires students in their reading lives. Aging collections do not support diversity and inclusion.

While the cost of current library collections increases, the funding from Seattle Public Schools is decreasing. STEM faces a challenge every year to keep the STEM library collection current and relevant to our students.

Your donation is integral to provide all students with vital reading material. Thank you for your support!

 Read more about Seattle Public Schools’ Equity Audit on Library Funding.

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