Fall 2019 Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Registration Opens Sept 16th at 8:00am
and ends Sept 24th

The weekly class schedule is listed below but you can find out all you need to know about our enrichment classes, and register too, at activity-planning website 6crickets.

Register: There are two ways to register your child:

  1. Online at 6crickets
  2. To pay by check or cash, download and print the Fall 2019 Paper Registration Form. Turn in completed form to the PTA Enrichment Program mailbox by Sept 24th in the school office with your check (payable to STEM K-8 PTA) or exact change. Please complete a separate form for each child.

Please Note: Participants are selected on a first come, first served basis.  All programs have a minimum and maximum enrollment number, so register early to ensure the program can run and that your child has a spot!

Volunteers:  One adult volunteer is needed for each class.  Volunteers will help sign students in and out of class and help instructors as needed. Volunteer’s child will receive 100% reduced tuition rate for the class.. Email enrichment@stemk8pta.org for more information.

Scholarships: Our intent is that all students have the ability to participate in our enrichment program. Scholarships are available for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch or have extenuating circumstances. To request a scholarship, please contact the Enrichment Coordinator at enrichment@stemk8pta.org

Behavior Expectations: Parents/guardians should read the school Code of Conduct booklet and discuss it with their child. The same expectations apply to these programs. In the event that a behavior cannot be satisfactorily resolved by working in cooperation with instructors,  the parent/guardian may be required to attend the class with their child or withdraw them from the program without refund.

Snacks: We encourage you to pack a healthy snack and filled water bottle for your child for both morning and afternoon activities.

Pick Up/Drop Off Policy: Parents/guardians dropping off their children for morning classes must walk their child to the class and sign them in. After school activities will meet in the Gym Hallway and students will be walked to their enrichment activity.  Parents/guardians picking up in the afternoon must walk to the class and sign their child out. Please be ON TIME in both situations.

Tangent Initiative Bus: The Tangent Initiative will be running classes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons on the Tangent Bus in the STEM parking lot.  Information and registration for classes through the Tangent Initiative will occur on the Tangent Initiative Web site beginning Sept. 16th.  https://tangentbus.org   You can find out more information about the programs in this document


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