STEM K-8 PTA Vision

The STEM K-8 PTA envisions a school that supports and advocates for a STEM education that values equity, sustainability and the development of the whole child. We support the belief that STEM learning means being a critical thinker, a maker, a scientist, a philosopher, an artist. It means respect and community and safety for everyone, everyday.

We envision a school where anyone can and should strive for advanced math, next generation science and engineering and 21st Century technology skills.

Our vision is a school where Project Based Learning is the sustaining force for the execution of curriculum that serves all kinds of learners, excites students about the world around them and engages them in the larger community.

Our vision is to harness our collective care, passion and energy to build a partnership between families, the PTA, and the school.

The PTA values volunteering, community events, communication, honors the contributions of all families and supports guardians as full partners in children’s education.

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