Donate now to support crucial STEM activities next year

We have raised $14,000 towards our $35,000 goal – we need your help to keep climbing!

STEM and all Seattle Public Schools face big budget cuts this fall (see March meeting minutes for a description of STEM cuts). Extra curricular activities, library books and band are all at risk of facing huge budget setbacks. But you can help right now

Please consider giving a generous and meaningful gift right now to offset school budget cuts. Can you give $50, $500 or $1,500? 

Your generous donation allows the school to maximize its funding for critical staff while the PTA supports student and community experiences.  STEM PTA depends on donations like yours, as well as dedicated volunteers. In turn, we support every student at STEM. We only spend money on items and activities that benefit every student. 

We invite you to attend our upcoming June 8 PTA meeting to learn more about the activities we pay for, including:

  • Project-Based Learning (PBL): $9,000
  • Field trips: $3,700
  • Library books: $8,000
  • Teachers’ professional development: $10,000
  • Classroom supplies: $8,000
  • Enrichment assemblies, community-building activities and more: $10,000

Please give a generous and meaningful gift of $1,500, $500 or $50 right now.

With gratitude,

Kate Moore & Alicia Every
STEM K8 PTA Co-Presidents & Parents of STEM Students