Upcoming Middle School Spirit Days

Mark your calendars! Here are the Middle School Spirit Days for the rest of the 2021/2022 school year: Wed Nov 17- Be Nice Day: Green is the color of kindness Wed Dec 15- Fancy Schmancy Day/Ugly Sweater Day Wed Jan 26- Decades Day (Back to the Future) Wed Feb 16- Pajama Day Wed Mar 30- …

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Reminder: Please Keep Costumes at Home

Kids who celebrate Halloween should keep their costumes at home. If you are looking for a way to celebrate Halloween, you can stop by one of the STEM family owned businesses this weekend: Alki Beach Trick or Treat Saturday, October 30th 10am-12pm.   Two STEM family owned businesses, Ampersand Cafe on Alki & Outer Space Seattle, …

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School Funding is Up For a Vote in February; Here’s What You Need To Know

Property Tax Levy Funds Schools

Voter-Approved Education Levies Support Seattle Students (This article in its entirety can be found at https://www.seattleschools.org/about/levy/)  There is a gap between what the state funds for K-12 education and what Seattle students need. Every three years, Seattle Public Schools asks voters to renew the Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O), which is a local education …

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View and Order School Pictures Online

All students who were photographed on October 12 have photos available for viewing and ordering through the Class Act Portraits website. Check your email inbox, spam or junk folder for an email from info@classactportraits.com with a link directly to your student’s photos.  If you don’t see an email, you may go to orders.classactportraits.com, click Order …

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SPS Cuts 142 School Bus Routes

This message was prepared by Naida Boyer, SCPTSA President, President@scptsa.org.  Monday, October 18th is the deadline for the Washington State COVID-19 vaccine mandate, and Seattle Public Schools will be suspending 142 school bus routes. Possible disruptions might also occur in other sectors including staff, culinary services, and building maintenance. Seattle Public School’s PTSA recognizes that this disruption will further impact our school community. Indeed, …

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School Protocols for Positive COVID-19 Result

Seattle Public Schools recently released flow charts that describe what actions take place when a student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19. Check out the links below to stay informed on these safety protocols. Staff Guidance Staff Positive COVID test Staff Close Contact with COVID Staff COVID Symptoms Student Family Guidance Student Positive COVID …

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Attend the PTA’s Book Club in November

Everyone is welcome to attend the November STEM K8 PTA Meeting on Thursday, November 18 from 6:30 – 8:00 PM and join an important discussion on Obie is Man Enough by Schuyler Bailar. This discussion will be lead by LB STEM K8 family members Becky Barton and Shawna Murphy. Published in 2021, Obie is Man …

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Your Donation Brings More Diverse Books!

Louisa Boren STEM K8 Library added more than 850 diversity-related books to the school library this past year. These book additions were made possible by donations from school families. Thank you! Improved student literacy is a value that every educator shares. STEM educators work to ensure students read at or above grade level by the …

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Students Can Eat Lunch Outdoors

School lunches, long a fun hallmark of youth friendships and the school day, have transformed into a daily period of anxiety for many families and teachers during the pandemic. It’s the one time during the day when children can be inside maskless. Indoor lunch period precautions include spacing kids out, staggering their seating, making sure they’re facing the …

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PTA Decorates Staff Lounge to Show Appreciation

STEM K8 PTA executive team members purchased snacks and created signs and notes of affirmation for teachers, administration and staff of Louisa Boren STEM K8. The snacks and messages were left in the staff lounge on the afternoon of Thursday, September 30 to commemorate completing the first month of in-person school in 2021! “This year, …

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